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Dental Implants – Fort Worth, TX

Enjoy a Brand New Smile

While the team at Fort Worth Periodontal Specialists can’t turn back the clock and prevent your tooth loss, we’re ready to do the next best thing—replace your teeth with the most complete prosthetic available today. Dental implants actually restore an entire tooth above and below the gum line to give a patient the very best when it comes to both aesthetics and function.

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Why Choose Fort Worth Periodontal Specialists for Dental Implants?

Benefits of Dental Implants

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Compared to more traditional replacements, there really is no comparison when it comes to dental implants:

Indications for Dental Implants

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Patients with any number of missing teeth can potentially benefit from dental implants, they just need to meet 3 basic requirements. They must have good oral health, stable overall health, and a jawbone that’s thick enough to support the new roots. When a patient has all of these (our team can help with any that are missing), the following restorations can help replenish the smile:

Missing One Tooth

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In the past, in order to replace a single tooth, you’d have to sacrifice the two nearby ones because they’d have to be filed down to hold a bridge. Now, however, we can place a dental implant into the smile and attach it to a crown without altering the nearby teeth in the slightest.

Missing Multiple Teeth

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Rather than replacing each tooth individually, multiple missing teeth can be simultaneously restored using a small number of implants supporting a bridge or partial denture. These prosthetics are much smaller and more comfortable compared to traditional ones, but they have a much stronger hold as well.

Missing All of Your Teeth

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If you have a denture that just won’t stay put, those days are numbered thanks to implants. With just four to six posts, our dentists can give a patient a full denture they never have to worry about again. Implant dentures not only fit better than regular ones, but they’ve been shown to bring back more of the bite strength as well, enabling a patient to eat many foods that were typically considered off-limits to denture wearers.

Bone Grafting

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As we touched on above, before dental implants can be placed into the jawbone, the bone has to be strong enough to hold the new roots steady. Patients with longstanding tooth loss sometimes have weak or brittle jaws that would normally inhibit them from getting this treatment. With bone grafting, however, we can use a portion of a patient’s own bone or even donated bone to fortify the area of the jaw that will house the implants, ensuring a patient’s new smile will have a reliable base.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

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In order to be as effective as possible, every dental implant treatment has to be completely personalized based on a patient’s unique needs. Because of this, the cost of the procedure is always different depending on factors like how many teeth a person is missing and where they are located. Before you begin treatment, our team can answer all of your implant-related questions (including those about pricing) at a one-on-one consultation, ensuring there aren’t any surprises during your implant process.

Normally, implants do cost more upfront compared to regular bridges and dentures, but implant patients tend to save big in the long run. How? While more traditional dental prosthetics typically need to be completely redone every five to seven years (compounding their initial lower cost), implants can easily last for decades on end, many times for the rest of a patient’s life. Just on routine maintenance alone, an implant patient usually ends up saving thousands on their new teeth.

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